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Re: wv-0.7.0 (namazu-bugs-en#12)

Thank you for your report.

In article <20011130163034.E9D603888F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
emanuel.quass@xxxxxx writes:

>> With the version wv-0.7.0  you have to submit a option --targetdir
>> if there is no such option, wvHtml exits an mknmz stops :-(

I had got same report from other people. It is the reason that wvWare
changed its behavor about file handling contains other directory.

I'll try to make new release 2.0.10, however can't fix it in the
release because it's aimed to fix only security issue.

Wait to 2.0.11 or later please.
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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