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nmz/util.c : error messages


I had a look at util.c and especially at error messages, here's a small
contribution. Comments most welcome.

ERR_TOO_LONG_QUERY : "Too long query" -> "Error : Your query is too long."
ERR_TOO_MUCH_MATCH : "Too many words matched. Ignored"
 -> "Error : Too many words match. Please try again with a more accurate query."
ERR_TOO_MUCH_HIT : "Too many documents hit. Ignored"
 -> "Error : Too many documents hit. Please try again with a more accurate query."
ERR_OLD_INDEX_FORMAT : "The index should be old format."
 -> "Error : The index is invalid, or in an old format. Check the index and 
re-index if necessary".

/* Note : this error happens not only when using an "old" index, but
 * also when using a directory which is not an index. Thus, I would add 
 * "the index is invalid" to the error message */

default: "Unknown error. Report bug!"
-> "Unknown Error : please report a bug at:";

Hope this helps,