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Re: Bug in mknmz (namazu-bugs-en#13)

Thank you for your report.

In article <20011212151607.F319E38859@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
claudia.noelker@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> I did already fix the bug: Just check the language before removing the last 
>> letter at two positions in scripts/mknmz and scripts/
>> # Remove a garbage Kanji 1st char at the end.
>>    if (util::islang_msg("ja")) {
>> 	$summary = codeconv::chomp_eucjp($summary);
>>    }
>> Same with the $output at lin 687.

Your patch is almost correct, but it should be better to use islang()
intead islang_msg().

I'll try to make new release 2.0.10, however can't fix it in the
release because it's aimed to fix only security issue.

Wait to 2.0.11 or later please.
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
	knok@xxxxxxxxxx / knok@xxxxxxxxxx