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Re: non-HTML output + scoring system.

On Sun, Sep 30, 2001, NOKUBI Takatsugu wrote:
> I think such demands are reasonable. I had try to implement HDML
> outputting feature on namazu.cgi

I though about that this week end. At first, as I wrote, my main concern
was that there is no way to output valid  XHTML, because there is a very
small portion of the output code (the "result headers") that is not,
for some reason, included in the templates.

If a later version could get this piece of output into the templates,
that would allow people not only to output XHTML, but also XML, SQL, or
whatever format you like. I can make a few templates if you think this
is a good idea.

Such a minor change would make "funny" ideas possible : I'm thinking,
for example, of some log crawler re-running the queries, entering them
(and the chosen result) into a SQL DB... From that you can design a
scoring system based on popularity of search results.

Speaking of which, a scoring system based on document popularity for
namazu is not a stupid idea. Just run a log analyzer weekly, sort the
most popular documents (code for this exists) and pipe that into a
namazu module which adds this information to namazu's index. And here
you are, with a scoring system that, IMHO, would easily overrate the

> but the current scheme of namazu.cgi
> is not suitable for such purpose.

... but namazu -h would benefit a lot from such a feature.
> I'll make such featuere at Namazu version 2.2 series.

Great, thanks a lot.