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non-HTML output (was Re: client/server module and other wishes)

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ot@xxxxxxx writes:

>> Number three : 
>> Again, namazu.cgi is good, but not good for everyone. Some people may
>> want the cgi to output xml, and not html, but they can't. I would like
>> to tie namazu to a jigsaw web server, and improve session handling,
>> cacheing, etc... But I can't. What I'm saying is that namazu IS a good
>> engine, but being tied to the binary or the cgi is not "cool" for
>> developers, and having to re-write everything is a waste.

I think such demands are reasonable. I had try to implement HDML
outputting feature on namazu.cgi, but the current scheme of namazu.cgi
is not suitable for such purpose.

I'll make such featuere at Namazu version 2.2 series.
Version 3.0 series will be appeared more the future...
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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