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Re: How to integrate Mhonarc with Namazu

On April 1, 2004 at 09:49, leanne lai wrote:

> I apologize if my questions are basic... I am new to Namazu and not 
> much of a programmer. I have read through most of the document yet not 
> sure how to integrate the 2 together.

Do not know if your message was ever responsed to.

You may want to look into mharc, <>.
It integrates namazu and mhonarc together, so it may make things
easier for you.

> 1. How do I incorporate Namazu search into my Mhonarc webpage like 

mharc automatically integrates namazu into mhonarc.  You can
goto <>, to see how things
look (by default).

> 2. anyway to make it regenerate the index each time a mail is send to 
> the archive?

mharc handles this.

> 3. How do I separate out the indexes so that users of mailtest1 can 
> not search the archive of mailtest2?

mharc does this.  Each archive has its own search index.