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namazu applying to ClearDDTS

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Dear namazu users and developers,
I have deployed namazu to a ClearDDTS server in order to provide a full-text search interface to bug reports. It works out nicely. Thanks to all developers involved in creating this handy tool.
However, the search result summary is not as ideal as we would like it to be. I guess I will have to write a custom filter for ClearDDTS bug reports, which are plain text format. I have a few questions:
- Have anyone developed a ClearDDTS bug report filter beforehand?
- If I need to develop a custom filter, any development guide or samples or tips?
- under .../share/namazu/filter, I can see a few sample fiters. Which one is responsible for doing plain text document filtering?
Thanks for your kind attention and assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Alex Leung.