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Re: namazu applying to ClearDDTS

I do not know at all about the contents of a ClearDDTS bug reports 
file. For this reason, exact advice cannot be performed.

Leung Alex-r60005 wrote:
> However, the search result summary is not as ideal as we would 
> like it to be. 

Wasn't it a result with an ideal point like a summary throat?

> I guess I will have to write a custom filter for ClearDDTS bug 
> reports, which are plain text format. 

Is there any sample of a ClearDDTS bug reports file?

ClearDDTS bug reports file Wanting which inner portion to make 
a summary should be shown.

Then, advice which creates a filter may be able to be performed.

> - Have anyone developed a ClearDDTS bug report filter beforehand?

I do not know existence of ClearDDTS bug report filter.
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