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Namazu 2.0.13 released!

Namazu 2.0.13 released! 

Overview of Changes in Namazu 2.0.13 - April 14, 2004

* Include File::MMagic 1.20.
* Add -X and --check-filesize options for mknmz text-processing.
* Add Polish translations.
  (Contributed by Kryzystof Drewicz.)
* Add German translations.
  (Contributed by Gerald Pfeifer.)
* Add new filters
  (Ichitaro variants,, RTF, apachecache, MP3)
* Add new filter (Macbinary)
* Adapt new filter programs (wvWare 0.7.4, xpdf 2.02 - 3.00)
* Add new directives for namazurc (SUICIDE_TIME, REGEX_SEARCH)
  (to prevent possibility of remote DoS, reported by sheepman.)
* Add new directives for mknmzrc (HTML_ATTRIBUTES)
  (This pattern specifies attribute of a HTML tag which should be
* Change soname 
 (LTVERSION 7:0:0, lib/ -> lib/
* Support $WAKATI="module_mecab"; in mknmzrc. (experimental)
* Fix MacOSX compilation problem 
 (getopt.c deviation from gengetopt-2.5)
* Fix some bugs and possibility of security hole.
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