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Re: namazu and mhonarc/mharc problem

(courtesy cc to mharc-user's list)

On February 20, 2004 at 09:17, George Fremin III wrote:

> I have seen some posts with similar errors that imply it is 
> a perl problem but so far I have this problem with two diffrent 
> perl installs.
> I am running perl 5.8.3
>              namazu 2.0.12
> 	     mhonarc 2.6.8
>              mharc 0.7.3
>              RH 7.3 - 2.4.20-28.7
> I got the same result with perl 5.8.0
> The error I get is:
> 13413/95924 - /home/mailarch/archives/html/QRP-L/1999-09/msg01498.html [text/
> html; x-type=mhonarc]
> Writing index files...Use of uninitialized value in length at /usr/local/bin/
> mknmz line 2138.
> Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/local/bin/m
> knmz line 2139.
> Unterminated compressed integer in unpack at /usr/local/bin/mknmz line 2295.

My guess is to try to rebuild the search index.  It appears some namazu
index file got corrupted.

The quickest way to rebuild the index for a given list is to do
something like the following:

  rm $HTML_DIR/list-name/NMZ.*
  $SW_ROOT/bin/mk-search-index list-name

where, $HTML_DIR and $SW_ROOT represent mharc's values.
Replace "list-name" with the name of the archive.

Note, you may want to do,

  cd $SW_ROOT
  make disable

first, and make sure no mharc scripts are running.  I.e.  After 'make
disable', make sure that any existing mharc script processes finish
before rebuilding the search index.  You can check all process by

  ps -fu mailarch

If "mailarch" is not the user account for your archives, replace
it with the proper username.

Once the rebuild is done, do,

  cd $SW_ROOT
  make enable

to re-enable archive processing.