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Re: tar|gzip files to index (Re: A question)

>>>>> "Makoto" == Makoto Fujiwara <makoto@xxxxx> writes:

    Makoto> Hi,
    Panagiotis> I was wondering, is there any way I tar|gzip the 
    Panagiotis> complete set of files into one .tgz file and

    Makoto> We had the same discussion/request before, and it can be done,
    Makoto> but how do you point the file found in the *.tgz file ?

    Makoto> To my knowledge, there is no browser to pick up and show the 
    Makoto> article only with the information of whole *.tgz and file names 
    Makoto> found.

i believe if cant be done browser side
but i seem the remember a way to do it with apache
cant remember right now what the module is called though

    Makoto> That was the main reason we are reluctant to implement such
    Makoto> facility.

    Makoto> Do you have any good idea ?

    Makoto> Or correct me if I'm wrong to all other audience here.
    Makoto> ---
    Makoto> Makoto Fujiwara, 

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