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A question

Dear all,

please excuse my possibly very naive question, but I have just started working with namazu
and I have a problem that needs to be solved rather urgently:

I have an inventory of news articles stored in a directory; every article is a single file and
since most of these files are very small I have a a waste in disk space that currently is
calculated to be 52% (I currently have 15700 files with a total size of  33.434.373 bytes
occupying 67.832 1k-blocks or 69.459.968 bytes on disk)!

I was wondering, is there any way I tar|gzip the complete set of files into one .tgz file and
still be able to index/search them? (The .tgz file is only 7.238.690 bytes long...)

I saw a gzip/compress filter but I guess this works only for individual files...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.