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Re: httpのLast-modifiedについて

Gorochan ^o^ <kunito@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>どのようなhtml file なのでしょうか。
>たとえば SSI を使っていたりすると、server が Apache でも、 
>Last-Modified は返さないと思います。CGI でもそうだと思いますが。

Apache であれば、XBitHack を full にすれば返します。

Syntax: XBitHack status
Default: XBitHack off

*** snip ***

          As for on but also test the group-execute bit. If it is set,
          then set the Last-modified date of the returned file to be the
          last modified time of the file. If it is not set, then no
          last-modified date is sent. Setting this bit allows clients and
          proxies to cache the result of the request.

          Note: you would not want to use this, for example, when you
          #include a CGI that produces different output on each hit (or
          potentially depends on the hit).

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