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Re: mknmz gone !

On May 17, 2004 at 14:14, Hennie Rautenbach wrote:

> I have moved a functional and working searchable mail archive from a 
> Redhat Linux box to a Debian box. I installed all the required packages 
> (libnmz7_2.0.13-0.9woody1_i386.deb and 
> namazu2_2.0.13-0.9woody1_i386.deb). The strange thing is the mknmz 
> utility doesn't get installed. Why would this be ? Is it a separate 
> package ? If so, where can I get it ?

I am guessing that you will need to contact the Debian maintainer
of the packages to see what is up.  Searching the debian package
database, it looks like you need to install namazu2-index-tools.

Personally, to avoid distribution package dependencies, I generally
install namazu from source.  This way I know what I am getting.