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Re: {tags} on NMZ.result.*

At Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:28:07 -0400,
Nicolas Riesco B. wrote:
> ${namazu::counter}
> ${uri}
> ${title}
> ${namazu::score}
> ${size}
> I need one containing just the filename for example.
> Any docs about this?

There are described in doc/en/nmz.html.


File to specify the style of search results.


${field name} is replaced by the contents of the field. For example, ${title}
is replaced by the contents of NMZ.field.title. ${namazu::counter} and $
{namazu::score} have special meanings. They are replaced by the counter of
search results and its score respectively.

By default, NMZ.result.normal and NMZ.result.short are provided. Users can
freely create NMZ.result.*.

NOKUBI Takatsugu
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