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Re: Win32 Installation -Problem with path - mix of backslash and forw ard slash

Colin Campbell wrote:

namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/<s>test</s>/NMZ.head: Invalid

This is an invalid filename, note the "<s>test</s>" part. I'm not sure what would cause namauzu to look for it.

Now I think it's something to do with the path. Notice that namazu can't
find  C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hoge/NMZ.head (a mix of backslashes and
forward slashes in the path) Surely it should be looking for
C:\namazu\var\namazu\index\hoge\NMZ.head ( all backslashes in path)

Many programs can use both slashes interchangeably on Windows, particularily those of unix heritage. I don't know if namazu is one of these or not and can't test right now because my win32 install is broken. :(

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