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Win32 Installation -Problem with path - mix of backslash and forward slash

Hi all,
I've installed namazu on my windows 2000 server and am trying to get it to
work in a web browser.
Testing at the command line shows that namazu has created an index and it
does return searches properly. When I try to run in a web browser, by
running namazu.cgi, the screen shows
Namazu: a Full-Text Search Engine
This index contains 0 documents and 0 keywords.

Last modified: date
My mnz.warnlog has the following entries

namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hoge/NMZ.head: No such file or directory
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hoge/NMZ.body: No such file or directory
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hoge/NMZ.foot: No such file or directory
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hogell/NMZ.head: No such file or
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hogell/NMZ.body: No such file or
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hogell/NMZ.foot: No such file or
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/<s>test</s>/NMZ.head: Invalid argument
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/<s>test</s>/NMZ.body: Invalid argument
namazu: C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/<s>test</s>/NMZ.foot: Invalid argument
+ many more

Now I think it's something to do with the path. Notice that namazu can't
find  C:\namazu\var\namazu\index/hoge/NMZ.head (a mix of backslashes and
forward slashes in the path) Surely it should be looking for
C:\namazu\var\namazu\index\hoge\NMZ.head ( all backslashes in path)

What have I done wrong??

Many thanks