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Re: NAMAZU Problem...!!

 <arumugam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote.
>Konnichiha ,
>Genki desu ka.

How do you do, Mr. arumugam.

>Boku ha okage sama de genki desu.
>I have one problem in using the CHASEN with NAMAZU.
>Please help me in this regards.
>I have downloaded the latest version of CHASEN for WINDOWS NT.
>chasen20.exe - Size 5,022 KB
>Also I have the latest version of NAMAZU and PERL.
>NAMAZU - nmz130110e.exe - SIZE - 417 KB
>PERL - APi522e.exe - SIZE - 5,371 KB
>Now my problem.
>I was aware the NAMAZU can create INDEX using CHASEN or KAKASHI..  I
>would like to use only CHASEN.

No, neither Chasen nor kakasi should be necessary English edition 
(nmz130110e.exe) of Namazu.
Use Japanese edition (nmz130110.exe) when you do Japanese processing.
Use LANG of namazu.conf as en to make a message English.

>So, while executing the command mknmz for creating the INDEX, NAMAZU has
>to use CHASEN to create the INDEX.
>But, the resulted INDEX is not proper.
>I mean that NAMAZU haven't used the CHASEN for creating the INDEX.
>Please let me know how to use CHASEN for creating INDEX using NAMAZU.

Windows edition doesn't do movement confirmation with Chasen.
I am not trying it though it has the possibility that it moves, too.

>If you give me the configuration details for NAMAZU and CHASEN,   it
>will be helpfull for me.

Use kakasi as much as possible.

>Eagerly waiting for your reply in this regards ASAP.
>2. I have installed only Namazu and Perl, and I haven't installed KAKASI
>    Now I did the process of indexing using mknmz.
>    I can able to do it.?  Why is that so.?

Because it is English edition.
Japanese data are handled as binary.

>    Please suggest me in this regards
>Thanks and Regards

   Best regards,
Ken-ichi Hirose  kenzo-@xxxxxxxxxx