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Re: Out of Memory

Hi, Leon, 

|    I was wondering if someone out there can help me with a problem I'm
| having with using Namazu 2.0.5.  My name is Leon Collins and I work
| for the State University Of New York (SUNY).  I downloaded Namazu
| version 2.0.5, configure and use it to index a directory on a Unix
| system.  Now I'm trying to index another directory which isn't that
| bigger than the first one I index and I'm getting the 'out of memory'
| error message.  First, the system that I'm using has 573 meg of memory
| and I'm using all the default set by Namazu.  Even when edit the
| mknmzrc files to use less than 5 MB I still get the error message.
| What could I do the remedy/fix this problem?

Out of memory depends on
+ your shell resource limitation,
   ( I will type 'unlimit datasize' in my tcsh command line to release
     the limitation, or 'ulimit -d' if sh/bash case. )
+ the biggest file in the directory
+ the contents of file in the directory
  ( and may not of the size of the directory itself )

   I may add following line in ~/.mknmzrc for some case,
$ON_MEMORY_MAX   = 3000000;
   your mail sounds you already add this line.

By the way, to probe more, would you add more detailed information ?

(1) your configuration.
Show us the what is shown if you add -C onto what you have typed
to invoke mknmz command for both case. Say,
mknmz -O directory target_directory -C

This shows the configuration and do nothing more.

(2) shell resources.
Depending on which shell you are using, but show us the limitation
by typing following command.
tcsh/csh%  limit       ( see man limit )
bash/sh%   ulimit -a   ( see man sh)
Makoto Fujiwara, Chiba Japan