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Truncated result , last char missing


I'm facing a weird behaviour while indexing html content.
I notice that some search result are truncated, there is a missing letter at the end of the title string, or any meta tag string.

The is wortkring properly. For exemple with the <title> tag, I changed the code to the following to make some test:

$title = $title . "--00--";
print $title."\n\n";
return $title;

It return the title follow by "--00--" as expected. What is strange is that in the file


I have:

vrp multicarte maillots de bains--00--
recherche rédacteurs web--00-
Recherche Hotesses et Hôtes--00-
Recherche Maître Chien, Agents de sécurite ,Gardien...--00--
Dévelopement d'interface d'un jeu de Rugby--00-
Commercial publicité terrain--00-

so there is a missing "-" sometimes. I cannot find the file where the string is process after the perl filter.

Does anyone have notice/fix this issue ?