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Re: [namazu] $META_TAG ?

At Mon, 02 Feb 2004 16:48:55 +0100,
Xavier Grangier wrote:
> I'm new to this list. I have some question about the META_TAG variable.

Hmm, it is less documented feature.

> I change the $META_TAG variable in the mknmzrc configuration file to:
> $META_TAGS = "keywords|description|test";
> What do I have to change to have a searchable index of <meta name="test" content="XXX"> ?

The avobe configuration means that makes the new field 'test', but it
lacks a little bit.

You also need to modify the $SEARCH_FIELD variable like the following:

$SEARCH_FIELD = "message-id|subject|from|date|uri|newsgroups|to|summary|size|test";

To specify it, mknzm produces NMZ.field.test* files in the index
directory, and you can use the word 'test' as a field.

$ namazu '+test:XXX' index-dir
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