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Field-specifier query, sort query, languages


I am a beginner with namazu and am trying to evaluate it. I had a few queries with regard to the way field specifier searches and sorting are conducted in namazu.

1. Field-Specifier Search: Is the field specifier search only for Mail messages or can they be used for other types of documents (like .doc and .pdf) that have certain fields defined? If so, is there a standard as to how these fields should be defined in a document?(e.g. a pdf documnet where the title is = 'xyz'). I would think that field-specified search is possible in html files too. Is that right?

2. Sorting: Where can i get a list of all the factors on which sorting can be done? (e.g. date, score etc) Is score maintained internally by namazu or does it need to be maintained explicitly? In addition, is date sort dependant on when the document was indexed or when it was modified or created?

3. Does namazu give reliable results if the search pattern includes both english and japanese phrases or the document has both english and japanese text in it?

4. Is there any way of using namazu if the sources to be searched are on different machines? The tutorial mentions that certain tools like wget, NFS should be used in conjunction. Can someone actually confirm whether search in this scenario is feasable by using these tools?