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Re: [namazu-project-ja] filter files (namazu-bugs-en#22)

In article <20020621135431.BAB2C102CE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
jusob@xxxxxxx writes:

>> Hi
>> In filter/ is there an error: xlhtml instead of xlHtml
>> In filter/ is there an error: wvHtml instead of wvWare

I think you are using latest xlHtml/wvWare. Namazu 2.0.10 assumes a
little bit old things.
Development version of Namazu support it. It will be appeared near
future, so wait please.

Or, if you familiar about Unix/Linux system, you can get latest filter
script from the web <> and replace
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
	knok@xxxxxxxxxx / knok@xxxxxxxxxx