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Re: ps2ascii does not take arguments (namazu-bugs-en#15) needs more tests and developments. Thank you for your

In article <20020118153932.BE5583885A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
vadim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> In filter either ps2text or ps2ascii can be used.
>> It just so happens that ps2ascii does not take any arguments,
>> so as a result using -q in that case results in ps2ascii trying
>> to convert a file named "-q" to the file named "NMZ.postscript.tmp",
>> which is actually the source postscript file. The result is that
>> the "NMZ.postscript.tmp" is nullified and the postscript conversion
>> fails (thus all postscript files don't get indexed).

I had tested only ps2text so I can't realized it.

>> I could provide a fix, but I figured you might want to do it in your
>> own way. If you want my patch, just tell me so.

That's great. Could you send me the patch? If you can agree on GPL, I
want to merge it.
NOKUBI Takatsugu
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