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Re: tests/namazu-cgi-9 fails (namazu-bugs-en#16)

In article <20020118154233.E34FE3885A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
vadim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> The very last test (big LANG) in namazu-cgi-9 fails with SIGSEGV.
>> I was unable to reproduce the problem by hand using the binary though,
>> but it does fail reliably in the original form. I suspect the problem
>> is with the temporary namazu.cgi wrapper, but I have to proof yet.

I had heard similar case from an another person, and it's hard to
reproduce (only occured on "make test", not on command line).

I suspect it is an library (maybe gettext?) bug. There are no probrem
on my environment (Debian unstable and stable), and the another
person's environment was Red Hat 7.2.

BTW, I don't think it's not so serious probrem because it's not remote
NOKUBI Takatsugu
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