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>It is right, but NMZ.w has redundant data. For example, if a file
>contains the word "TCP/IP", NMZ.w would have some words "tcp", "ip",
Yes ! That would be the problem. Is there any alternative ?
>Hmm... libnmz doesn't have any function satisfies your needs. You'll
>need to read NMZ.w file and others. Specification of them is written
>in doc/en/nmz.html.
Actually I am thinking about compiling and modifying the sources of Namazu.exe written in C. I hope that may help me in achieving this.
Another thing that I forgot about the support of Japanese. Does the current program Namazu.exe accepts the Japanese (or any other supported language) words ? I could not test it out because I dont know the Japanese language.
I tried to make index files by using the html pages written in Japanese. But the mknmz script failed.
Could you please help me by telling the exact steps of making the Japanese index files from and do the search from Namazu.exe ?
I just write down the steps I did. Please correct me or tell me if I have missed any steps.
1. I am working on Windows environment and downloaded the latest Namazu binaries. I set the LANG=ja_JP.SJIS.
2. When i execute the, I get the error message,
/kakasi/share/kakasi/kanwadict: No such file or directory
Have I missed any steps to do ?

One suggestion...There is one readme file in the package. But it is written in Japanese. Can I get the English readme file ? I guess that file contains some steps for installation (or may be for testing ?), I am not sure.
>I'm not familiar with Windows environment, sorry.
Sorry for troubling too much...Could you please give a pointer who knows about the compilation on Windows ?


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