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Namazu 2.0.6 was released.

Namazu 2.0.6 was released.

* Fix path delimiter problem on Windows environment.
* Fix html parse problem.
* Added ContentType directive in namazurc.
* Fix ignore $FILTERDIR specification.
* Fix locale related environment variables handling.
* Add -L and --indexing-lang options for mknmz text-processing.
* Fix ERR_TOO_MANY_HIT handling and total documents counting. 
* Add more scoring(ranking) methods.
* Add helper scripts lnnmz, adnmz and nmzmerge.
* Add more document filters.
  deb, dvi, hdml, postscript, rpm
* Improve Win32 OLE filters.
* Include File::MMagic 1.12.
* Many improvements and bugfixes.
NOKUBI Takatsugu
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