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priyas007@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> 1. Do you have any programmer's guide or some documentation to use the 
>> Namazu library ?

Unfortunately, there is no documents about it.

There are two search agent implemantations using it:

* namazu, namazu.cgi commands (in namazu tarball)
* Search::Namazu perl module

It should be some information.

>> 2. Is it possible to generate a single search file (with a list of all 
>> words, no of occurrences/weight and the file name where it found) from the 
>> index files generated by mknmz ?

It is impossible because Namazu's index don't have any position of words.

>> 3. I have a java application that requires the search functionality on html 
>> files. If I need to write the code in Java then can I get the mapping of the 
>> namazu functions written in C to Java ?

I'm not familiar with Java. Does the folloing message help you?
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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