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Namazu readme.txt file

Hello, this is Arumugam.
Can anyone suggest me to solve my problems.?

1. The readme.txt file is in Japanese.
    Can I get the Readme.txt file in english version.?

2. In the Program, I am executing the mknmz command.
    The output of the mknmz command is only the html and txt file..
    DOC or XLS or PPT files are not processed.
    I don't know why.?
    This I came to know when I did the namazu search from the output of
    Then manually I am executing the mknmz command for processing the
DOC or XLS or PPT files.

    Do I missed any settings.?
    Please let me know.

3. Do I need to keep the nkf32.exe under the winnt directory in order to
view the Japanese string.?
    Old Version we used to do so.
    Please suggest me.

4. Apart from installing, do I need to install the following.


    Please suggest me.

Waiting for your reply in this regards.

Thanks and Regards