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Namazu Search...!!

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.

I have some problems in displaying the Japanese Strings on the Web in the new version of Namazu.
Can you please help me in this regards.?

First Problem:

1. Downloaded new version of Namazu :
2. Indexed the directory using mknmz command.
3. Try to do the searching using namazu command.
    Eg., namazu "アルムガン" c:\namazu\index
    I got the appropriate result when I executed the namazu command in the command prompt.

    When I tried to display the output in Netscape communicator, then I could not view the Japanese Text properly.

    I do did the process of conversion for the unicode.
    Then also failure.

    Let me explain you, how I did.

    Let tmpStr be the string which holds the namazu command output.

    String tmpStr = new String( tmpStr.getBytes("8859_1"), "JISAutoDetect");
    Displayed the result in the command prompt... I could not view the Japanese String.
    (But in the older version, this works fine).

    Then started doing one more conversion and tried to display in the Netscape Communicator.
    tmpStr = new String(tmpStr.getBytes("SJIS"), "8859_1");

    Could not view the Japanese string in the browser.
    But in the older version it was OK.

Second Problem:
    When I did the process of indexing, it takes more time for indexing to get completed.
    I have set the allow, deny and memory_max options in the mknmzrc file.
    $ALLOW_FILE = ".*.html|.*.htm|.*.txt|.*.pdf|.*.doc|.*.xls";
    $DENY_FILE = ".*.ppt|.*.ps|.*.(gif|png|jpg|jpeg)|.*.tar\\.gz|core|.*.bak|.*~|\\..*|\x23.* ";
    $ON_MEMORY_MAX   = 10000000;

    Executed the command : mknmz -h -a c:\namazu\index\testingdir

    Do I have to do anything else to make the indexing faster.?

    Please help me in solving this problem.

    Waiting for your reply in this regards.

    Thanks and Regards