[Namazu-users-ja 619] Re: Namazu 2.0.15RC3 公開 + 動作チェックに協力していただける方募集

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2006年 1月 15日 (日) 21:03:22 JST


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  Subject    : Re: [Namazu-users-ja 617] Re: Namazu 2.0.15RC3 公開 + 動作チェックに協力していただける方募集
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[臼田さん] == Yukio USUDA <m6694ha392t @ asahi-net.or.jp> has written:

臼田さん> $ dvi2tty -h
臼田さん> として
臼田さん> 入っている dvi2tty のバージョンと使用可能なオプションを
臼田さん> 表示してみてください。

dvi2tty  Copyright (C) 1984, 1985, 1986 Svante Lindahl.
Copyright (C) 1989-1996 M.J.E. Mol
@(#) dvi2tty.c  5.12 27may1996 M.J.E. Mol (c) 1989-1996

Usage: dvi2tty [ options ] <dvi-file>[.dvi]
Options are:
 -ofile   Write output to file, else write to stdout.
 -plist   Print pages whose TeX-page-number are in list.
 -Plist   Print pages whose sequential number are in list.
 -wn      Print the lines with width n characters, default 80.
 -vn      Use n for vertical line height, default 450000.
 -evalue  Add/Substract this value for spacing (-20..20)
 -f       Try to pipe to a pager if output is a tty (default).
 -q       Don't try to pipe to a pager.
 -Fprog   Pipe output to pager prog.
 -a       Remove accents grave etc. from output: \'{e} -> e.
 -t       Assuming that document was made with tt fonts
 -l       Write ''^L'' instead of formfeed between pages.
 -u       National Swedish/Finnish characters printed as aaoAAO (default on).
 -s       National Swedish/Finnish characters printed as }{|][\ (default off).
 -J       Allow processing of japanese fonts
 -c       Override -a -u -s and print all characters 0-255.
 -bdelim  Print font switch as text: delimcmr10miled
 -h       This help message.



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