[Namazu-users-en] NMZ.i: No such file or directory

Eduardo Suarez-Santana esuarez at itccanarias.org
Thu Sep 8 00:11:56 JST 2011

I'm making the namazu index this way:

$ mknmz -F files.txt -t application/pdf -O "nmz index" -f mknmz

Then I get a lot of NMZ.* files, but many of them finished by '.tmp'. No
NMZ.i file.

When I try to search:

$ namazu -d anything "nmz index"

namazu(debug): NAMAZUNORC: ''
namazu(debug): namazunorc: ''
namazu(debug):  -n: 20
namazu(debug):  -w: 0
namazu(debug): query: [anything]
namazu(debug): Index name [0]: nmz index
namazu(debug): set_phrase_trick: anything
namazu(debug): set_regex_trick: anything
namazu(debug): query.tokennum: 1
namazu(debug): query.tab[0]: anything
namazu(debug): nmz index/NMZ.i: No such file or directory

References:  [  (can't open the index)  ]

No document matching your query.

Using namazu 2.0.20.

Any hint? Thanks in advance

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