[Namazu-users-en] example cgi init file... .htaccess?

john francis lee jfl at robinlea.com
Mon Sep 5 10:43:36 JST 2011


I'd like to use namazu with apache. I have namazu configured and it 
works from the command line. I suppose I could use php to make a system 
call... but that's what cgi is for, right?

I read the instructions :
 ScriptAlias	/cgi-bin/ /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/
 	directory alias to /cgi-bin/ in URI
 AddHandler	cgi-script .cgi
 	execute cgi for files ending with ".cgi"
 AllowOverride	All
 	Allow .htaccess configuration (Web administrator)
 Options 	ExecCGI
 	Allow cgi-bin execution
 DirectoryIndex	index.html
 	file name to display when specifying directory in URI 

Do I put those in .htaccess or in the virtual server section of 

Do I copy them as they are, or modify them for my site? Do I make my 
own cgi-bin, or name the directory where all the namazu indices are? 
What directory should be the 'directory in URI'? Which URI? I think, in 
general, apache already looks for index.html in any directory unless 
another is explicitly specified, doesn't it?

namazu works great! Thanks for this wonderful software. And thanks for 
any help you might give on cgi configuration.

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