[Namazu-users-en] Appending mknmz results to existing index.

Gary Perez gary.perez at asti-usa.com
Wed May 18 03:27:57 JST 2011


Thank you for your response.

I found that calling mknmz with the -Y option as you described to be somewhat unreliable.

If I created the index only for /A*, and performed a search, I would get 5 A-related results.

If I created the index for /A* through /Z*, and performed the same search, I would get only 1 A-related result (along with other results from different letters).

Regardless, I decided to use separate indexes for each letter, and when running a query, I run it against each of them. I'm happy to say that namazu is fast enough that my users don't know & don't complain.


On May 7, 2011, at 5:59, Tasamasa Teranishi wrote:

> (2011/05/08 5:23), Gary Perez wrote:
>> But right now, when I run mknmz as described above, the index is over-written, and only contains data from the last "mknmz" command (... /Z*).
>> Is there any way to get A through Z to exist in the *same* index?
> Please use '-Y' option.
> ex)
> mknmz -Y -O /usr/local/var/namazu/index -a /example/directory/A*
> mknmz -Y -O /usr/local/var/namazu/index -a /example/directory/B*
>    :
> mknmz -Y -O /usr/local/var/namazu/index -a /example/directory/Z*
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