[Namazu-users-en] "Error! can't open the result format file"

Hugh Sasse hgs at dmu.ac.uk
Fri May 9 00:11:06 JST 2008

Having installed namazu and built the index:

C:\namazu\share\locale>namazu --version
namazu of Namazu 2.0.18

C:\namazu\share\locale>mknmz --version
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at C:\ namazu\bin/mknmz line 250.
mknmz of Namazu 2.0.18

I have indexed the whole disk which took a while.  The config file
says that the default index should be in C:\namazu\var\namazu\index
but it got created in C:\ which I was indexing.  This seems strange
for something with a default.

However, when I search for something I get:

C:\>namazu namazu C:\

References:  [ namazu: 1707 ]

 Total 1707 documents matching your query.

can't open the result format file


Firstly, again I have to supply the index path, when it should default
(and presumably complain I have no index at the defualt location).

Secondly, which "result format file" can it not open?  What is in
such a file?  I could then write something to create an appropriate
one.  Maybe there needs to be a default format.

Thirdly, can I move the NMZ.* to the index directory and have the defualts
just work?  Must I do someething else?

Searching on the namazu.org site, or with Google, turns up nothing

        Thank you,

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