[Namazu-users-en] Namazu 2.0.17 released!

Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Tue Mar 13 02:48:44 JST 2007

Namazu 2.0.17 released! 

Overview of Changes in Namazu 2.0.17 - Mar 12, 2007

* filter/win32/ole*.pl: correspondence Office 2007. [for Windows]
* filter/win32/olevisio.pl: It corresponds to Visio 2000 of another 
  type. For Visio 2007/.vdx file. [for Windows]
* OOo bug correction.
* for Office Open XML file. [for Windows]
* nmzcat: SJIS output. [For Windows]
* mailutime: Bug correction related to passing.
* To the code in which it considers after 2038(In the direction that
  doesn't correspond).
* File-MMagic: Imported 1.27.
* For eml file.
* libnmz: Speed-up of retrieval.
* nmzchkw.pl: New addition. (contrib)
* libnmz: The bug around the memory is corrected. (users-ja#821).
* namazu and namazu.cgi: The bug that falls into an infinite loop is
* namazu and namazu.cgi: Correction of HTML emphasis tag. (for Windows)
* gcnmz and nmzmerge: The output of the log is corrected and the forma
  is corrected.
* namazu and namazu.cgi: The possibility that the buffer overflow
  cuts it when the template is corrected is corrected.
* filter/mp3.pl: MP3-Info 1.21.
* namazu.spec.in: add nmzcat, nmzegrep.
* namazu.spec.in: fix filter-requires-namazu.sh.
* conf/namazurc-sample: It is added to the comment that Suicide_Time
  is only UNIX.
* scripts/mknmz.in: The mistake of the number of dummy arguments of
  process_file() is corrected.
* filter/pdf.pl: 'Unable to convert pdf file (maybe copying
  protection)' was corrected at option --debug.
* filter/msofficexml.pl: Added new fiter.
* filter/visio.pl: Added a new filter.
* filter/mp3.pl: Support MP3-Info 1.21's behavior.
* tests/*: It deals with trouble in which make check fails
  because of the environment of Mac + gettext 0.14.2.
* tests/data/ja/*: Added new file.
* Fix some bugs.
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