[Namazu-users-en] Re: Problems with date sorts

Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Sun Jan 14 12:21:56 JST 2007

# Stop the full text quotation. 

Lindsay Haisley wrote:
> Well this gives me something to think about and work with.  Thanks.  I'll take
> a bit if time and dig further for the source of the problem.  I have a bit of
> difficulty with your English, as you may have with mine.  Sorry ;-)  I'll
> figure it out.

I'm sorry because it is not good at English.

> on them that is no earlier than the time of this transfer.  Some pipermail
> archive collections were trimmed and regenerated using Mailman's 'arch'
> utility, and their timestamp shows the time they were regenerated.

It is likely to be displayed in this time order of the stamp, now.

> Furthermore, on my system, mknmz runs as the 'nmz' user which doesn't have
> write permission on the pipermail files, so it can't change the timestamps.

When the pipermail file is copied, the time stamp will only have to be 
changed by some methods. 
(The tool to change the time stamp of the pipermail file is not 
prepared in Namazu. )

> Are you telling me that if I allow mknmz to run with write permission on the
> Mailman pipermail files, that it will make their Unix timestamps correspond to
> the posting dates in them and namazu.cgi sorting will work correctly at run
> time?

No. The user must change the time stamp. 

However, if the field sorting of the UTC is used without using sorting 
at a standard date, the time stamp need not be changed. 

It might be easy and be good to use the UTC field sorting in case of 
your purpose. 
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