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Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Sun Jan 14 11:15:13 JST 2007

Though there seems to be a misunderstanding....

It is a function to sort the sorting function with the time stamp of
the document file at the date of Namazu. 
This is old to the specification. 

Lindsay Haisley wrote:
> > To begin with, Date of pipermail was not RFC2822 form.
> > However, Date of pipermail is correctly reflected in the field 'Date'.
> The pipermail format contains no RFC822 header, but morphs the "Date"
> header from the original post into an HTML element, and the date format
> is different from what was in the original message/rfc822 format.  This
> is apparently correctly parsed by mknmz.  For instance, the original
> message contained:

Yes. Though it becomes a repetition...
Date of pipermail was not RFC2822 originally form. 
However, mknmz(filter/pipermail.pl) correctly reflects Date of 
pipermail in the Date field. 

Only when usually displaying it in the retrieval result, 
the Date field is used. 

> > Then, let's examine the time stamp of pipermail file next.
> > For instance, please confirm the following file and confirm the date
> > by 'ls -alF'.
> The Unix time stamp is irrelevant! 

The time stamp of the file is important. 
Because the date sorting is done based on the time stamp. 

> > One is a method of changing the time stamp of the file according
> > to information on Date of contents of the file.
> No accessory utility such as namazu should ever make any changes to the
> data source it's analyzing, even if it's only a matter of changing the
> Unix time stamp.

It is a difference in outlook. 

There is mailutime command in the utility of Namazu.
mailutime is a tool to set timestamps of Mail/News files to the Date: 
(However, mailutime doesn't correspond to pipermail.)


> > Another one is a method of using the field sorting UTC function.
> > Do you know the method of setting the field sorting UTC function?
> I'm not familiar with the field sorting UTC function.  What does namazu
> use, and where in the code is the sorting done?

Namazu also provides the function to use the value of the field as a 
key to sorting. 

And, sorting by specifying the UTC field for a key to sorting in date 
displayed in the retrieval result the order becomes possible. 

Perhaps, the purpose will be able to be accomplished by using the
UTC field sorting. 

Method of using UTC sorting function:

1. "utc" is added to $SEARCH_FIELD of .mknmzrc. 
2. NMZ.head is edited. 

   <option value="date:late">by date in late order</option>
   <option value="date:early">by date in early order</option>


   <option value="field:utc:descending">by date in early order</option>
   <option value="field:utc:ascending">by date in late order</option>

3. It tries to delete the index, and to make it newly. 

> Are you one of the authors of namazu?

Yes. See CREDITS, ChangeLog, etc...

* As for tarball since Namazu 2.0.13, what I signed is distributed. 
* filter/pipermail.pl is what there is a file that became a radical 
  I made. 
* It is I that added the UTC field sorting function. 
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