[Namazu-users-en] Problems with date sorts

Lindsay Haisley fmouse-namazu at fmp.com
Fri Jan 12 12:23:23 JST 2007

I'm running into a rather nasty problem with date sorting on Mailman pipermail 
archives.  When I sort on date:early or date:late there appears to be some 
other sort being applied, although if I do a date sort in the reverse order the 
order of the messages is indeed reversed, indicating that the sort is working, 
albeit with an incorrect algorithm.

Sometimes some of the posts are close to being in chronological order, 
sometimes there are sections that are in reverse order of what they should be, 
and sometimes the order appears random.  Overall the sort is failing, although 
the sort order is the same every time so the problem is reproducable and 

I'm not seeing any errors, either when I run mknmz or when I do a search, so I 
don't know whether there's incorrect information is in the indexes or if the 
correct information is there and is being mishandled.

Has anyone else had problems similar to this?  I'm trying to read code, but the 
parts are scattered here and there between perl perl programs and C code and 
I'm wasting a lot of time and don't seem to be any closer to a solution.

Any help would be appreciated, or pointers to any diagnistics that I could run 
which might help.

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