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Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Sat Aug 25 12:43:23 JST 2007

Bill Traynor wrote:
> Now, given that I have many, many archives.  How can I get NMZ.head to
> provide all of my archives without editing all of them by hand?




> And to use the search tool, do I have to incorporate the NMZ.head into
> my mhonarc created html?


I think that it only has to make only one top page like

To achieve this

% cat NMZ.head NMZ.body NMZ.foot > index.html 

Please generate HTML statically. 

Moreover, cat is done, becomes <form method="get" action="{cgi}">, 
and rewrite the part of action="{cgi}" properly, please, 
action="/cgi-bin/namazu.cgi" etc.

And, please add the correction of "Selecting multiple indices". 

The search corresponding to two or more indices will be able to be
done by opening index.html by Web a browser in this. 


If it wants to set up the search box in the index of MHonArc like
"http://www.namazu.org/ml/namazu-users-en/", as follows is done. 

Please customize -rcfile option to mhonarc putting it. 

For instance, "<form> ... </form>" part in NMZ.head is built in in 
that specifying "<ListBegin> ... </ListBegin>" and 
"<THead> ... </THead>" with rcfile. 

Please execute mhonarc putting -rcfile option after rcfile is edited, 
and make the MHonArc file newly again. 

I think that customizing MHonArc should be asked with ML of MHonArc
beyond the limits of ML this it. 
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