[Namazu-users-en] config help

Bill Traynor btraynor at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 12:35:03 JST 2007

I've got several mhonarc created mailing list archives (ezmlm-idx
based) that I'm struggling to make searchable.  The mhonarc files live
in a directory structure like this:

/path/to/lists/web-archive/listname/<many mhonarc html files>

I've installed namazu from source and have successfully run mknmz on
one of the older archives in the following manner:

$cd /path/to/lists/web-archive/listname
$mkdir /usr/local/var/namazu/index/listname
$/usr/local/bin/mknmz -O /usr/local/var/namazu/index/listname .

The latter created the indexes and template files in
/usr/local/var/namazu/index/listname fine.

My question is, when browsing the mhonarc created html archives, I
don't see anything regarding searching at all.  So how do I tie
together the mhonarc html files and the namazu templates?


The relevant bits of .namazurc are:

Index      /usr/local/var/namazu/index
Template /usr/local/var/namazu/index
Replace /usr/local/var/namazu/index https://myhostname.com/archives

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