[Namazu-users-en] No space available silent fail

Felipe Sanchez izto at asic-linux.com.mx
Sat Aug 4 14:24:32 JST 2007

Hi, I think I found a minor but rather evil bug.

I was indexing a Mhonarc mail archive and all of the sudden I started 
getting corrupted indexes and empty templates generated by mknmz.

The odd thing was that minutes before it was working just fine!

After spending the whole afternoon scratching my head and trying 
everything from using different users/directories to waiving a dead 
chicken over the server, I suddenly realized what the problem was: The 
partition I was trying to write the index to had no available space!

The confusing thing was that mknmz seemed to run just fine. It said:

840/840 - /cklist/threads.html is not a MHonArc message file! skipped.
Writing index files...
Date:                Fri Aug  3 23:52:46 2007
Added Documents:     839
Size (bytes):        3,960,382
Total Documents:     839
Added Keywords:      30,244
Total Keywords:      30,244
Time (sec):          15
File/Sec:            55.93
System:              linux
Perl:                5.006001
Namazu:              2.0.17

As you can see, there was no indication whatsoever about any errors while 
building the index. Specially, there was no "no space available" 

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