[Namazu-users-en] Re: Fix for odd sorting of search results

Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Wed Apr 11 18:58:04 JST 2007

rex wrote:
> After reading the thread I understand what it does, but not why it does
> that with mbox-type files (especially if they have been converted with
> MHonArc, which creates a new file with a new time stamp).

There is not necessarily order of the time stamp of the file made with
MHonArc with the date written in contents of the file order because 
it agrees. 

a. The date sorting is the order of the file stamp. 
b. The date of the search result is a date written in contents. 

Naturally, the result of hope that order is not corresponding because 
there are two kinds of dates is not obtained. 

By the way,
Two kinds of sorting functions concerning the date are provided. 

a. Date sorting (default)
b. UTC field sorting

Please select either from among two. 

> This is how I fixed it:
> Added utc to .mknmzrc
> # $SEARCH_FIELD = "utc|message-id|subject|from|date|uri|newsgroups|to|summary|size";

Because it is a comment, it is invalid.
Under such a condition, the UTC field sorting doesn't function. 
It is necessary to delete '#'. 

If the UTC field sorting works, mailutime need not be executed. 
(It is sorting of the date with the time stamp that mailutime is 

If the UTC field is not used, it is necessary to use mailutime that 
makes the date of contents a time-stamp on a file. 

However, it is necessary to execute mailutime every time the 
time-stamp on a file is changed. 

> There were many warnings about "...is not rfc822 format! trying fuzzy
> mode..." The timestamps were changed, but the time order does
> not match the message order. That's not surprising considering that the
> messages came from a Yahoogroups list, and messages from them often
> arrive out of order.

The date might be an illegal straightening. 
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