[Namazu-users-en] Re: German umlaut

Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Wed Apr 11 10:00:39 JST 2007

henry atting wrote:
> why the german umlauts are not shown in the search results?

Because it doesn't support German as language processing. 
It has been limited only to the template file to support German. 

The language processing supported by Namazu is only C(US_ASCII) and

[US_ASCII] 0x00-0x7f

The area of 0x80-0xff of ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15 is outside the 



> emacs (all coding setting of emacs-w3m are utf-8). But if I start namazu from the

UTF-8 is not supported. 

Support of German

* template/NMZ.*.de that rewrites part in German instead of 
  template/NMZ.* (US_ASCII messages) is only prepared. 
* The po/de.po file is not prepared about German. 
  If po/namazu.pot is translated into German and po/de.pot is made, 
  the message is made German.


* Only the character of US_ASCII corresponds when the index is made
  from a German document. (Excluding in the case of special.)

  This is a specification of Namazu 2.0.X.
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