[Namazu-users-en] Re: [ (can't open the index) ]] (Solved!)

Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Tue Apr 10 15:04:33 JST 2007

rex wrote:
> > You should read the manual. see doc/en/manual.html.
> The directions in the namazu-sample are not consistent with the
> directions in the manual. How is the reader to know which is correct?

No. Because namazurc-sample (It is not namazu-sample.) is installed 
in "$(sysconfdir)/$(PACKAGE)/". 
"namazurc-sample" is copied onto "namazurc" by the directory of

This becomes RC file read the first so. 

A minimum setting is completed by this. 

It is not indispensable to put the RC file on the same directory 
as "namazu.cgi". 

".namazurc" is needed for the first time in the same directory as 
"namazu.cgi" so that only CGI may change the setting. 
> Wouldn't it be wise to make the information in namazu-sample clear?

It is certain not to have enhanced the document. 
However, if the manual is read, it understands. 

> For example:
> Do at least one of these three things:
> 1) Copy namazu-sample -> ~/.namazurc
>    (Necessary to run namazu as a user)
> 2) Copy namazu-sample -> .namazurc in the directory where namazu.cgi is located
>    (This or the step below is necessary for namazu.cgi)
> 3) Copy namazu-sample ->  $(sysconfdir)/$(PACKAGE)/namazurc
>    (Usually, /usr/local/etc/namazu/namazurc)

This is not correct. 
# Perhaps, it is not likely to be able to understand still correctly. 

However, after it corrects it to a correct content, such a sample 
might have to be shown. 

> Another confusing thing in the manual is this:
> "If more than one configuration file is found, all of the files are loaded."
> If there are conflicting settings in the three possible namazurc and
> .namazurc files, which takes precedence, the first loaded or the last
> loaded? Of course I can test it, but IMO the documentation should save
> the user the effort and say: "If there are conflicting settings in the
> namazu configuration files, the first configuration file loaded applies,"
> or "If there are conflicting settings in the namazu configuration files,
> the last configuration file loaded applies," whichever is correct.

I see.
As for this, the setting of each item of the RC file is overwrited. 
(It is not a unit of the file. )

> Now, I'm trying to understand why sorting by date appears not to work
> correctly with files created with MHonArc and indexed with mknmz with
> the --mhonarc option.

Please retrieve the archive of ML of the UTC field sort about the 
date sorting. 

The date sorting is sorting of the time of the file of the stamp. 
It is not because of being sorted in date displayed in the 
retrieval result the order. 
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