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Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Tue Apr 10 11:33:21 JST 2007

rex wrote:
> Tadamasa Teranishi <yw3t-trns �� asahi-net.or.jp> [2007-04-09 00:52]:
> >
> > It is ".namazurc" that "namazu.cgi" reads.
> > ("namazurc" is not read. )
> Yes, I know that now, but the namazu-sample file in the tarball says:
> # This is a Namazu configuration file for namazu or namazu.cgi.
> #
> #  Originally, this file is named 'namazurc-sample'.  so you should
> #  copy this to 'namazurc' to make the file effective.
> I followed the instructions and didn't see the contradictory
> instructions (copy to .namazurc) that appear elsewhere.

You should read the manual. see doc/en/manual.html.

 > namazurc settings
 > Various settings are possible in mknmzrc or .mknmzrc. Namazu normally
 > configuration files in the following order:
 >  1. $(sysconfdir)/$(PACKAGE)/namazurc
 >     (Usually, /usr/local/etc/namazu/namazurc
 >  2. ~/.namazurc
 >  3. file which is specified by -f or --config=FILE --option.
 >     (In case of CGI, it is .namazurc in the directory namazu.cgi is
 > If more than one configuration file is found, all of the files are
 > Installation prepares a sample configuration file
 > namazurc-sample. You can copy this to
$(sysconfdir)/$(PACKAGE)/namazurc or to ~
 > /.namazurc in your home directory.
 > namazu.cgi
 > namazu.cgi installation
 > namazu.cgi is the CGI script for Namazu. namazu.cgi is installed in $
 > (libexecdir) directory (usually /usr/local/libexec). If you copy
 > into a CGI directory of your system, installation is done!
 > .namazurc settings
 > If you have a .namazurc file in the directory where namazu.cgi is
stored, the
 > .namazurc file will be treated as a CGI configuration file. For the
display to
 > be in Japanese, you need the following settings:
 > Lang ja

There seems to be a misunderstanding. 

> > It is ".namazurc" that "namazu.cgi" reads.
> > ("namazurc" is not read. )

".namazurc" that exists in the same directory as "namazu.cgi" 
is read.
"namazurc" that exists in the same directory as "namazu.cgi" 
is not read. 

However, it is the third in "namazu.cgi" to read RC file that 
exists in the same directory. 

The first is "$(sysconfdir)/$(PACKAGE)/namazurc". (Usually, 
The second is "~/.namazurc".

"$(sysconfdir)/$(PACKAGE)/namazurc" is read first though "namazu.cgi"
doesn't read "namazrurc" of the same directory. 
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