[Namazu-users-en] question about multiple indexes - ".namazurc"

jpsp jpsp at megamail.pt
Thu May 11 17:49:46 JST 2006

Hello all,

Is there any way to tell "namazu.cgi", on
the ".namazurc" configuration file,   to
search multiple indexes?

I'm using namazu to search mhonarc archives.
These archives have sub-archives, normally by
Some archives are quite big, and "namazu"
is taking almost an hour each day do process
each of those big archives, even using the
update-index option. Maybe there's some optimization
than still can be done, but apart from that, the
natural solution seems to be having an index by
each monthy sub-archive, and telling "namazu.cgi"
to use these indexes, without the user having to
select all the archives on the HTML form

João Pagaime

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