[Namazu-users-en] Re: mknmz not working for Japanese languagedocuments ?

J. Hart jhart at atr.jp
Wed Jun 28 16:45:45 JST 2006

Tadamasa Teranishi wrote:

>By the way.
>Namazu doesn't support UTF-8. 
>Therefore, Lang_Msg and Lang should be C. (For English)
>It is necessary to make it to ja_JP.eucjp to process Japanese. 
>Please set ja_JP.eucjp and use environment variable LANG etc.
I will change these and try it again.  I understand that I will have to 
create a mknmzrc file in the directory "/usr/local/etc/namazu/".  Is 
that correct ?
Can I use the defaults from "mknmz -C" and customize those ?

When I reinstalled Namazu after KAKASI and NKF, the Japanese search 
worked properly at last.

When I installed the Perl modules to increase the speed, the Japanese 
text search no longer worked as it did before.  I have probably done 
something wrong here, so I will have to check it tomorrow and let you 
know what I find.

Thanks Again,
   J. Hart

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