[Namazu-users-en] Re: Namazu encoding Unix vs win32

Tadamasa Teranishi yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp
Mon Jun 26 00:45:57 JST 2006

starr �� houston.rr.com wrote:
> Does the installation REALLY require C:\namazu as the ONLY possible
> install location ?

The document is made for "C:\namazu" on the assumption of the 

The explanation is omitted though ..other directory.. installation is 
However, the method is not shown. 

> I think I just answered my own question: (using korn shell)
> [E:/installn/cgi] ./namazu.exe -d fragrant
> namazu(debug): NAMAZUNORC: ''
> namazu(debug): namazunorc: ''
> References:  [  (can't open the index)  ]
> No document matching your query.
> WHAT ????????

The environment variable is not set. 

see. - 6. About the environment variable setting

Please set it for oneself if korn shell doesn't reflect the environment 
variable of the system. 

> Why is the "C:/namazu/var/namazu/index" location HARDCODED ???
> Why are you not reading the "Index" parameter from "namazurc" ???
> This is an obvious inconsistency !!!

No. It is because the environment variable doesn't understand whether 
the unsetting, and where it is namazurc. 

> I HAVE TO ASSUME this this is also the major problem in "namazu.cgi.exe".
> Does it read "namazurc" in the current working directory ?

However, namazu.cgi.exe reads the .namazurc file that exists in the 
same directory. 
(Please do not make a mistake as namazurc file. )

> My system has worked reliably over the years
>  because I do not install ALPHA software *on my system drive*.
> I do not mess with the ugliness of the windows registry.

Namazu 2.0.16 is not ALPHA VERSION SOFTWARE. 

As for the zip archive, the installer is not included. 
Moreover, the document is insufficient. 
Therefore, the zip archive assumes ALPHA VERSION.
(The Namazu program included in the zip file is RELESE VERSION. )
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