[Namazu-users-en] Re: Namazu encoding Unix vs win32

starr at houston.rr.com starr at houston.rr.com
Mon Jun 26 00:23:53 JST 2006

Tadamasa Teranishi <yw3t-trns at asahi-net.or.jp> Writes:

> Again, please install it correctly according to the procedure of 
> README.txt.

 First Question from instructions in README.txt:
Does the installation REALLY require C:\namazu as the ONLY possible
install location ?

I think I just answered my own question: (using korn shell)

[E:/installn/cgi] ./namazu.exe -d fragrant
namazu(debug): NAMAZUNORC: ''
namazu(debug): namazunorc: ''
namazu(debug):  -n: 20
namazu(debug):  -w: 0
namazu(debug): query: [fragrant]
namazu(debug): Index name [0]: C:/namazu/var/namazu/index
namazu(debug): set_phrase_trick: fragrant
namazu(debug): set_regex_trick: fragrant
namazu(debug): query.tokennum: 1
namazu(debug): query.tab[0]: fragrant
namazu(debug): C:/namazu/var/namazu/index/NMZ.i: No such file or directory

References:  [  (can't open the index)  ] 

No document matching your query.

WHAT ????????

Why is the "C:/namazu/var/namazu/index" location HARDCODED ???
Why are you not reading the "Index" parameter from "namazurc" ???

This is an obvious inconsistency !!!

Immediate correction is required.  Fixing this should be TRIVIAL !
30 minute job.

Unix parses the "namazurc" file. the code to read it is there.
Does "namazurc" have to be in some particular location to be read ?
Can you not look for it in the current working directory ?
See GetCurrentDirectory() C function in the win32 API.

I HAVE TO ASSUME this this is also the major problem in "namazu.cgi.exe".
Does it read "namazurc" in the current working directory ?

I have limited space on drive C.
My system has worked reliably over the years
 because I do not install ALPHA software *on my system drive*.
I do not mess with the ugliness of the windows registry.

You already have the right approach to configuring your installation,
 the *rc files.  Why not use them ??

How (on what compiler) are you building the win32 version of Namazu ?
Can it (or has it) been built with GNU mingw from Linux/Unix with the
cross compiler ?

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